IBEAM Platform Integrations

A large number of technical integrations extend the functionality of IBEAM, enabling lenders to leverage their existing technology investments. Data sharing between IBEAM and third party systems is enabled through off the shelf and custom integrations. We support a wide variety of data transfer technologies such as flat file, secure FTP, SOAP and REST based APIs. Lenders can leverage three types of integrations; collection system, remarketing and peer-to-peer gateways.

Benefits of IBEAM Platform Integration

  • Collection System Integrations

  • These integrations enable lenders to load assignments directly from collection systems ranging from Shaw & Associates to custom systems. Data can be transferred one-way or two-way. A bi-directional integration securely loads sensitive assignment details such as account numbers in real-time or in batches. When a case is recovered, all case details such as notes can be exported directly to a collection or custom system. Automating assignments reduces staff resources and error. All communications including configurable status notifications from IBEAM, can be sent into a back-end system.

  • Remarketing Integrations

  • Our two way, remarketing integrations such as AutoIMS, Fiserv, Copart, Manheim, Remarketing Edge and Asset Nation expedite the remarketing process. We offer two remarketing methods which give lenders an opportunity to sell assets quickly. The first is an upstream method in which assets are pre-marketed in an online auction. The second method is traditional remarketing at a physical brick and mortar auction. These integrations allows lenders to use a single platform, IBEAM, to physically locate the asset, identify where to sell the asset and reconcile the expenses and sell proceeds. Lenders gain access to large pool of auction houses and can use performance metrics to identify best-in-class service providers.

  • Peer-to-Peer Gateway Integrations

  • Peer-to-peer gateway integrations enable IBEAM to load assignments from iRepo and RDN as well as License Plate Recognition services such as Insight. These integrations form the basis for a great transition strategy for lenders intending to migrate to our platform and services. Lenders can leverage this gateway integration to send assignments to us, minimizing their change management risk. It is also a great way to evaluate our services and platform against the present mode of operation.