IBEAM Global Marketplace

Our newest offering, Global Marketplace, enables multiple forwarders to use the IBEAM platform. Global Marketplace creates separate ‘views’ so that each forwarder only has visibility to their specific assignments. Lenders can add forwarders knowing that data is firewalled and isolated with the necessary security to prevent unwanted intrusions. Forwarding companies that utilize the IBEAM platform gain all the same functionality that we can access, such as being able to tap into a certified agent network for recovery and remarketing.

Benefits of IBEAM Global Marketplace

  • Complete Data, One Platform

  • The benefit of this approach is that all data resides on one platform, IBEAM. Lenders can not only manage repossession, field trace and skip agents, but take the process a step further by managing a network of forwarders. This eliminates the problem of distributing collection data or localizing data and puts lenders firmly in control of data ownership. Forwarder can be turned on or off as needed. IBEAM can capture metrics on forwarders, enabling lenders to create reports of their portfolio across multiple forwarders or select a specific forwarder. This unique feature allows lenders to identify top performers and channel their assignments accordingly.