Repossession Management, Skip Tracing & Remarketing

At Primeritus Financial Services, Inc. we provide our lender clients with value-added, outsourced repossession management and skip tracing services. We are neither a repossession agency nor a repossession agent. We leverage a national network of independent, certified and licensed repossession agents and unique investigative techniques to quickly and reliably secure our client’s collateral.


The management team at Primeritus Financial Services provides leadership at the executive level in all areas of automotive finance, skip tracing, recovery and remarketing operations. Understanding our client’s business allows us to design industry-leading solutions that enable our clients to reduce potential losses and focus on their core businesses.


Our repossession management and skip tracing services reduce our clients’ internal costs by outsourcing the non-core recovery components of their businesses. Based on the unique needs of each client, we design and implement a customized recovery solution to complement your internal processes and procedures.


Primeritus Financial Services is dedicated to being a value-added partner to our clients, committed to helping reduce internal costs and charge-off losses. Our “yardstick” is the amount of collateral recovered and the turn-time of securing your collateral.

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Our Partnerships

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