Internet Based Electronic Asset Management

Our web-based software platform, Internet Based Electronic Asset Management (IBEAM) is the industry’s first SaaS offering designed to help lenders manage repossessions and remarketing. The system is extremely user friendly and uses graphical workflows to manage cases end-to-end from recovery to final disposition.

Benefits of IBEAM

  • No Software to Install

  • All data in IBEAM is delivered in real time because the software employs a SaaS delivery model. There is no need to synchronize or localize data outside of a secure server environment. This ensures data integrity and reduces data breaches. Our multi-tenant SaaS model is highly scalabe, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of assignments at any given time.

  • Eliminates Paper

  • The platform removes inefficient manual processes (manual audits and reports) and reduces miscommunications from tracking letters, faxes and emails that have plagued the industry. IBEAM includes a communication system so that all parties can ask questions and collaborate amongst each other, delivering an unprecedented level of transparency and control. IBEAM enables all activity and communication to be on one system, so that lenders and service providers (repossession agents, forwarders and auctioneers) can view the same exact information. Configurable notifications, enable users to get automatic emails or notifications whenever a note is entered or as an asset progresses to the next step in the workflow. IBEAM aggregates charges from service providers, further simplifying the process by presenting one electronic invoice to approve and pay online.

    Internet Based Electronic Asset Management
  • Robust Analytics

  • Information captured in the IBEAM platform remains live for five years providing a real-time audit trail. This makes it extremely easy to create ‘what-if’ scenarios and comprehensive business analysis. IBEAM records multiple metrics, and scores agents’ performance dynamically, allowing lenders to identify top performers by zip code and services requested. Custom and standard reports give lenders an opportunity to get immediate status on their portfolio with a full audit trail and historical data that can be used to defend against litigation.

  • Flexible Business Models

  • IBEAM is flexible and supports the way your business works. A lender can use IBEAM directly on a per case basis to manage repossession agents or use the software to manage multiple forwarders each of whom have their own network of repossession agents.