February 2014 Nashville, TN – With compliancy as the watchword for many industries moving forward, Primeritus Financial Services, Inc. has announced their plans for auditing their agency partners’ lots in 2014. Primeritus has chosen to partner with TrendSource to perform those audits. The audits will provide Primeritus and their clients with a working knowledge of their agency partners’ lots as well as what compliance steps are being taken at those lots. This will continue to strengthen Primeritus’ leadership role in industry compliance initiatives.

As the need for compliance assurances for agencies increase, Primeritus has plans to verify compliancy by auditing all of their agencies’ locales this year. Primeritus is proud to announce that in 2014, these audits will come at no expense to their agency partners.

Primeritus CEO Chuck Tapp reports, “We feel the need for compliancy is so vital to this industry, we decided to assist our agency partners become compliant,” Tapp continues, “TrendSource has a solid national footprint. They continually evaluate their auditors to always ensure their best associate in the area is performing their inspection.”

Cam Hitchcock, Primeritus Chairman continues, “By covering the audit costs ourselves, this proves to our agency partners and this industry that we truly want to have the very best relationships with the repossession agencies in the industry.”

Primeritus recognizes many agencies have already undergone an audit performed by nationally reputable companies. Provided those results are available to Primeritus, they will honor those previous audits to satisfy their commitment to audit every single agency partner in their network. Tapp reports, “With our pre-existing compliance policies and TrendSource’s assistance with the onsite audits, we look forward to taking the next step into the future of compliancy alongside our agency partners.”

About TrendSource: TrendSource performs onsite inspections and audits for the repossession industry to address the increasing need for compliance. In business since 1989, TrendSource launched their OnSite Inspection Services in 2005, and provides 100% coverage throughout the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. About Primeritus Financial Services: Primeritus Financial Services is a national provider of repossession management, remarketing, title services and skip tracing services to the auto finance industry in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Since its inception in February of 2012, Primeritus Financial Services has strived to provide clients with value-added, outsourced repossession management and skip tracing services, leveraging a national network of certified agents and unique investigative techniques to quickly and reliably secure customers’ collateral. Through leadership, service and performance, Primeritus Financial Services offer the trifecta of repossession services: locate, recover and remarket. For more information on Primeritus Financial Services, please visit www.primeritus.com. Media Contact Joe Mappes, EVP Sales, Service and Marketing PRIMERITUS FINANCIAL SERVICES (888) 833-4238