February 2014 Nashville, TNPrimeritus Financial Services, Inc. has announced the release of the Primeritus Incentive Program for 2014. The program is designed to reward agent partners with the best performance in regards to repossession success and compliance compared to their peers.

Under the Primeritus program, each Vendor Territory Manager’s (VTM) region will produce three winners every quarter. The winners will be categorized into peer groups according to volume, and one additional agency will be selected by the Primeritus staff for a total of sixteen (16) $500 awards! “We are excited to offer this program to our agents as a way of rewarding them for jobs well done,” reports Primeritus Vice President and General Manager, Justin Conners.

Each peer group will be categorized into high-, mid-, and low-volume agencies. The staff pick will be chosen by a majority vote and that honor will be awarded to the agency that has gone above and beyond the normal call of duty. This program is currently being offered only to full-service agencies.

Primeritus CEO Chuck Tapp says, “Our goal is to have the best relationships possible with our agency partners. We feel rewarding those partners with this new incentive program helps us achieve that goal.”

About Primeritus Financial Services: Primeritus Financial Services is a national provider of repossession management, remarketing, title services and skip tracing services to the auto finance industry in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Since its inception in February of 2012, Primeritus Financial Services has strived to provide clients with value-added, outsourced repossession management and skip tracing services, leveraging a national network of certified agents and unique investigative techniques to quickly and reliably secure customers’ collateral. Through leadership, service and performance, Primeritus Financial Services offer the trifecta of repossession services: locate, recover and remarket. For more information on Primeritus Financial Services, please visit www.primeritus.com. Media Contact Joe Mappes, EVP Sales, Service and Marketing PRIMERITUS FINANCIAL SERVICES (888) 833-4238